Milestone when the ramps came into place

Today we have reached another milestone with the construction when the main deck ramps to ferry berths no.13 and no.14 came into place!

The ramps weigh 115 tons each and are 28 x 12 meters in size. The ramps were sailed out on the pontoon from ferry berth 5 to ferry berths 13 and 14, one at a time.

The work with ferry berths no.13 and no.14 will be completed before the turn of the year 2020/2021.

Ferry berth 13 will be 250 m long and ferry berth 14 will be 500 m long and it will also be used as a commercial quay. The port basin will be 9 meters deep and a total of approximately 650,000 cubic meters will be dredged up. All dredged material will be used to fill in land in the new port area. The recycling means a substantial environmental benefit for the Baltic Sea’s climate-smartest port.

The construction of ferry berth no.13 and no.14 is one of the activities in the EU project “Long-term achievements – ready for a sustainable core port in Trelleborg – LARS – 2017-SE-TM-0061-W” which is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union. The project extends between 2017-2021.