The history of Port of Trelleborg goes back to the 16th century, but serious discussions to start port constructions began only in the middle of the 19th Century.

The Port company in Trelleborg was founded in 1861 and the first port constructions were completed in 1865.

Some of the other milestones in the history of the Port of Trelleborg:

1366 The first time Port of Trelleborg is mentioned as some burghers seek a port of refuge during King Valdemar Atterdag’s war with the Hanseatic cities.
1861 The Port company in Trelleborg was founded
1862 The Commercial Port of Trelleborg received Royal approval. Frans Malmros’ MS NJORD was the first vessel calling at the port.
1867 Trelleborg became a city and the city council’s first case concerned the state’s takeover of the port that could be shaping up to a good business.
1891 The steamship Freja made a trial sailing between Trelleborg and Sassnitz.
1897 The continent line Trelleborg-Sassnitz was started in May.
1909 The Swedish State Railways decided to start rail ferry traffic with the continent and the selection of port on the Swedish side fell upon Trelleborg and on July 6 Kungsleden (the King’s Route) was inaugurated.
1945 Second World War ended (started in 1939) and survivors of the concentration camps arrived in Trelleborg in ships hired by the Red Cross.
1962 TT-Line opens the line Trelleborg–Travemünde and transferred 444 trucks the first year.
2005 Since October 31 in 2005, Trelleborgs Hamn AB (Port of Trelleborg) owns 100% of the entire port facility and related real estate
2007 Unity Lines opens the line Trelleborg-Swinoujcie, no traffic on this line since 1945.
2012 150th Anniversary for Port of Trelleborg
2013 The new port was inaugurated with a dredged inner port and extended piers at 3 km at the same time the dredged material forms new land south of Trelleborg.
2014 TT-Line opens the line Trelleborg-Swinoujscie
2014 Stormwater purification for a third of Trelleborg city was inaugurated at the same time wind turbines were installed for electricity supply. Berth number 10 and a new intermodal terminal was inaugurated on October 14.
2015 Inauguration of the Central station and the arrival of “Pågatågen” in Trelleborg on December 12.
2016 Winner of  “The Yearly award for Sustainable Community Building” regarding the Central Station.
2017 The 19th of July the first cruise ship (M / S Artania) entered the port.
2017 Inuauguration of onshore power supply for Stena Line’s two vessels M/S Skåne and M/S Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
2018 M / S Peter Pan has been extended by 30 meters, now 220 meters long.
2018 New upgraded check-in opened on June 9.
2018 Unity Line extends its capacity with yet another vessel – M / S Copenicus
2018 TT-Line opens the line Trelleborg-Klaipeda
2020 TT-Line extends its capacity with yet another vessel – M / S Marco Polo
2020 Stena Line closes the Trelleborg – Sassnitz ferry route which has existed since 1909