• Largest RoRo port in Scandinavia and the shortest route to the continent.
  • One of five Swedish core ports
  • Approx. 8 % of Swedish imports and exports pass Trelleborg’s quays.
  • Second in Sweden in terms of cargo volumes in ton.
  • The Baltic Sea’s largest railway port.
  • The largest rail ferries in the world operate the port of Trelleborg.
Owner 100 % of the shares owned by Trelleborg Municipality since 2005
Type of port RoRo
Port area
  • Land surface  700 000 m²
  • Quay length 2000 m
  • 8  berths for regular traffic  including 7 with double RoRo ramps and 3 directly rail-linked
  • 1 quay for general cargo
  • 1 oil quay
  • 2 lay-up quays
  • 2 intermodal terminals
  • 2 storage facilities of 30 000 m²
Water depth in the port basin Max 7,4-9 m at MWL (Mean Water Level). Vessels up to 240 m long can call at the port.
Railway traffic Intermodal traffic is handled by two container trucks, called reach stackers, with a lifting capacity of 45 tons each.
Average number of employees 135 persons (2017) The management of the Port of Trelleborg is in three terminals; ferry terminal, intermodal terminal and logistics center. Approximately 60 people, divided into four teams, work around the clock. The ferry service to the big three customers also includes provisioning and waste disposal.
Corporate identity nr./VAT-nr 556008-2413 / SE556008241301
Arrivals and departures each day 30
Customers (13 vessels)
Ferry destinations (5)
  • Stena Line – Sassnitz, Rostock (3 vessels)
  • TT-Line – Travemünde, Rostock, Swinoujscie, Klaipeda (6 vessels)
  • Unity Line – Swinoujscie (4 vessels)
Partner ports
  • Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH
  • Rostock Port
  • Mukran Port, Sassnitz
  • Szczecin & Swinoujscie Seaports Authority
  • Port of Klaipeda
Opening hours Around the clock; 7 days a week, 24 hours in the day
Security Since 1 July 2004, the port is certified according to the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code). This is handled by a separate department, TPC (Trelleborg Port Control) which is staffed around the clock. Port of Trelleborg is responsible for perimeter security, identity control and other security and monitoring in accordance with the provisions of the ISPS Code, customs regulation, port regulations, etc.

Swedish ports’ importance for Sweden

  • 175 million tons / year (over quay) is handled totally in Swedish Ports
  • 30 million passengers / year traveled with ferries to / from the Swedish Ports
  • 90 % of all exports and imports pass Swedish ports
  • 5% of all exports and imports go by air, over Denmark, to Norway and over Haparanda
  • 22% of exports and imports pass the ports of Skåne
  •  62% of all vessel calls to Sweden goes over the Swedish ports
  •  45% of all units passing Swedish ports goes over the ports of Skåne