Who wants to be involved in building the Waterfont in Port of Trelleborg?

On Tuesday, November 17, the tender application will be sent out for selection of suppliers for construction of the new office and service building “the Waterfront” in Port of Trelleborg. This is done via the procurement tool TendSign. After the qualification has been completed, the suppliers will be notified whether they are qualified or not. All qualified suppliers will then be invited to submit tenders in the procurement. The goal is for the turnkey contract of  the Waterfront to begin in the spring of 2021 and be completed around the turn of the year 2022/2023.

Great focus on sustainability
The work with the Waterfront will be carried out so that the port operation can continue without interruption during the contract period. The project will be characterized by sustainability issues, primarily regarding environment and energy, as these have a strong focus for Port of Trelleborg, with the ambition of being the Baltic Sea’s climate-smartest port.

Architect’s office Arén has designed the building. The main building has the dimensions 50×20 meters and will consist of three floors. The building for truck service and garages will be 25×80 meters.

The Waterfront
Waterfront, which means “seaside of the city”, has been named in a name contest within the company. The name gives associations to the building which has a vaulted shape and all staff buildings are in a blue color scheme with colors from water, sky and sea as accent colors. The Waterfront will be Port of Trelleborg’s new landmark, both towards the sea and towards the city.

All employees gather under one roof
Port of Trelleborg looks forward to being able to gather the entire organization under one roof. All experience and competence within the company will be in the Waterfront. 2021 will be an exciting year when the modern and climate-smart port office and service buildings begin to be built. Thereafter, Port of Trelleborg can continue to further streamline the port operations in the new port.