The first stage of the asphalting has been completed in the EU project Rail-IT

Almost 50,000 square meters have now been paved by Skanska in the new eastern part of Port of Trelleborg. The asphalting is one of the activities in our EU project “Rail-IT”, which which is co-financed by the EU.

Parallel to the asphalting, lots of pine trees have been planted to the same extent for a greener and more pleasant feeling for all our customers and travelers.

As is well known, Port of Trelleborg is a year ahead of schedule in terms of moving and expanding the port, but there is still some asphalting of the new surfaces in the new port. The first part of three stages is now complete. Everything is expected to be ready by the summer of 2025.

In the picture you can see how it looked in April 2024 compared to July 2024.