Ten new tugmasters powered by HVO100

Ten new climate-smart tugmasters powered by HVO100 (Hydrated Vegetable Oil, ie 100% bio-share) are now in place in the port! The continued increase in the share of biofuels will halve the climate-affecting emissions from the port’s own vehicle fleet.

Port of Trelleborg, with the ambition of being the Baltic Sea’s most climate-smart and efficient port, is constantly working on environmental improvements in order to be able to conduct a smart and sustainable business. We invest in new, modern technology, equipment and facilities that are directly linked to improved environmental performance.

Since our tugmasters consume large volumes, it provides a major effect on the climate-affecting emissions from our own vehicle fleet. According to our vehicle policy, all light vehicles purchased must be powered fossil-free and other vehicles and machines that cannot yet be powered by electricity, must be gradually powered by an increasing proportion of biofuels. This has already contributed to CO2 emissions being reduced by 30% in the last three years and nitrogen oxides from the port’s own vehicles have been halved in the last three years, and since 2010 they have been reduced by 70% (per tonnes of handled goods).