Stena Line connects to onshore power supply in Port of Trelleborg


On October 23 Anneli Hulthén, Governor in Skåne, together with Christian Pegel, Energy Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, inaugurated the onshore power supply in Port of Trelleborg. As the first ferry company in the Port of Trelleborg, Stena Line will now be connecting up its two vessels M/S Skåne and M/S Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the electricity grid during calls into port. This is an important step in the sustainability work to reduce emissions and noise when the vessels are at berth. 

Torbjörn Karlsson, Mayor in Trelleborg, greeted some 50 guests welcome to the Port of Trelleborg. Thereafter spoke Stena Line’s CEO Niclas Mårtensson about Stena Line’s sustainability work where onshore power supply is an important contribution. On many of Stena Line’s ferry routes the vessels call at locations close to cities and this makes it especially important to be able to shut off the engines when docked. The connection means that the machinery on board is completely shut down, bringing emissions down to practically zero, and for maximum total environmental gain green electricity is used. Stena Line’s objective is for 75 per cent of the ports they use to have an electrical connection by 2030.

Then Niclas Mårtensson left the word to Port of Trelleborg’s CEO Jörgen Nilsson who thanked Stena Line for connecting two of its vessels to the onshore power supply at the Port of Trelleborg. The work and planning for the installation has taken several years and the Port of Trelleborg received a grant from the EU for the investment. Port of Trelleborg has a stated aim to be the most environmental friendly port in the Baltic Sea and have carried out several environmental projects in recent years, where the onshore power supply is one.

Then it was time for Anneli Hulthén, Governor of Skåne and Christian Pegel, Energy Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to inaugurate the onshore power supply and cut the ribbon between the rainshowers. After the inauguration the guests received a guided tour on board the M / S Skåne to look into the onshore power connection room, the bridge and the control room.

Many thanks to all the guests who attended the inauguration and showed great interest in the onshore power supply.

Photo: Joachim Wall

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Anneli Hulthén and Christian Pegel cut the ribbon

Jörgen Nilsson, CEO Port of Trelleborg and Niclas Mårtensson, CEO Stena Line