Seminar – More offshore wind power in Skåne?

Major changes in technology and cost development for offshore wind power change the conditions. Probably, offshore wind power will become one of the most competitive power production plants in the near future. It is an opportunity for southern Sweden to reduce its current electricity deficit and bring production closer to consumption. But when will it be possible to build offshore wind power in Sweden again? What can these investments mean for Skåne? Where and when will the job opportunities come?

During the seminar we learned that there is a great interest in future wind power projects outside the south coast of Skåne.

Torgny Nilsson, Business Developer in Port of Trelleborg, participated in the seminar and talked about the port’s experiences of offshore wind power projects followed by a dialogue with the participants. In mid 2013 until the beginning of 2016 Port of Trelleborg was base port at the construction of Baltic 2 (Kriegers Flak). Transshipment of the jackets (640 tons, 70 m height) was handled in the port and the port also assisted with all kinds of contacts to suppliers for various tasks and served as a hub for crew change and provisioning.

Torgny Nilsson talked about the advantages of the Port of Trelleborg such as good infrastructure in the port, short fairway, the closest Swedish port to Kriegers Flak and our close distance to the airports in Copenhagen and Malmö guarantees short and easy access to the construction site, and not least that the port is open 24 hours a day with qualified staff on site.

Port of Trelleborg welcomes and is well equipped for new offshore projects.

The seminar was organized by Skåne “Wind Power Academy” and OffshoreVäst, RISE, with support from the Region Skåne’s Environmental Protection Fund. Other speakers with experience internationally of offshore wind power projects were representatives from Vattenfall, E.ON, Dong et al.