Positive trend for our logistics center

Port of Trelleborg notes a positive trend for the port’s logistics center with increased volumes and new customer requests.

Port of Trelleborg has received a new business for rail transport. A German rail forwarder has chosen Trelleborg as a destination for transshipment of goods arriving with conventional wagons. Port of Trelleborg handles transshipment from rail wagon to truck and also distributes to final recipients. Port of Trelleborg welcomes its new customer to the port and is proud to have been entrusted with this business in our concept.

Another Swedish railway forwarder has chosen Port of Trelleborg for transshipment of forest products, from rail to truck. For Port of Trelleborg, it is gratifying to note that more and more companies find the unique opportunity to handle conventional wagons and trucks efficiently in the Port of Trelleborg.

Port of Trelleborg has a modern logistics centre with a complete surface of 17.000 + 10.000 square meters. The warehouse has direct rail access and is integrated with the port. All loading and unloading can be carried out in-doors regardless of whether by rail or truck. Presently the turnover is 150.000 tonnes annually, mainly paper, metal, timber and cargo on pallets. The services provided are storage (short/long term) and cross-docking. The lifting capacity is limited to 16 tonnes, please contact us if you need handling with higher weights.