A positive environmental judgment decision for quay 14


Land and Environment Court has approved the Port of Trelleborg’s application to complement the port’s environmental license with a quay 14. Main hearing with the Court was held on 9 November together with the relevant authorities. 

Port of Trelleborg intends to build a new quay for vessel calls (quay 14). The application included a permit water operations, in the form of dredging, filling and construction of water among other things, according to Chapter 11. Environmental Code.

Port of Trelleborg AB also applied for an amendment to the existing permit for port operations according to Chapter 9. Environmental Code, which has also been granted. The change of port activities Port of Trelleborg AB plans, will mainly involve the performance of following actions:

– Construction of a new location for vessels, quay 14, in the existing port area and breakwaters, located southwest of the planned and previously permitted ferry berth 13. Planned new quay length is 500 m, allowing two vessel calls at a time.

– Relocation of vessel traffic from the existing quay, position 102 to position 14

– New roadways southeast of ferry berth 10

Quay 14 is intended to serve as a new lay-up quay and for receiving cargo vessels. Vessel traffic in the current commercial quay will move to the new location in order to move the business further away from the buildings in central Trelleborg. In the long term the move to the central parts of Trelleborg will contribute to re-contact with the sea and enables the development of residential construction in the planned “Seaside city”. The move to the new quay is also made in order to shorten the time and to improve the safety in the maneuver of vessels in the port area. The additional activity for quay 14 is accommodated within the maximum cargo volume specified in the ground state (17 million tonnes / year).