The next step in the expansion of the Port of Trelleborg

Port of Trelleborg is taking the next step in the process of moving the port and will in the fall begin the planning of two new berths in the new part of the port area.

Work on the design of the new ferry berths will be completed in spring 2017 and is a continuation of the project to relocate the Port of Trelleborg in accordance with current environmental judgment. The activities are grant funded by the EU in the Motorway of the Sea project.

In the first part of the project, new breakwaters built, along 3 km long, the harbour entrance has been widened, dock and waterway has been dredged, 50 hectares of new land have been created and a new ferry berth that can receive 240m long ship was inaugurated in autumn 2014. The Port of Trelleborg plans among other things, to build an additional three berths, a new quay, new check-in and preparing storage areas in the new port area.

As the Port of Trelleborg moving the port and leave their old area provides the space to develop the city which is done in a project named Kuststad 2025 and is operated by the Municipality of Trelleborg.

For more information please contact Tommy Halén, CEO Port of Trelleborg AB,
+46 410 36 37 02.