Hamngatan 9 in Trelleborg is sold to AB Lomma Tegelfabrik


 Now it is clear that AB Lomma Tegelfabrik buys the property Hamngatan 9 from Port of Trelleborg AB. Hamngatan 9, which is over 100 years old, was used for many years for the storage of grain. Port of Trelleborg has had the property in their possession since 2005. The property has been refurbished and modernized, the last renovation was completed in 2001. The property consists of 7 floors and today there is a variety of activities, such as passenger terminal, hotel and conference center, restaurant, medical and dental surgeries and various offices.

Hamngatan 9Already in April 2010, the Municipal Council commissioned Port of Trelleborg to sell the property. The reason was that Port of Trelleborg asked the Municipal Council to get permission to sell the property, given that property management is not the Port of Trelleborg’s core business. Although there have been several stakeholders to the property sales have dragged on. One reason has been that Port of Trelleborg has prioritized a stable and good long-term owner with regard to both the tenants and the renovation work done on the property. Port of Trelleborg has had a positive result from the property.

The change in ownership will not mean any change for the tenants because AB Lomma Tegelfabrik is positive to preserve the property and continue business as usual.

– Tommy Halén, CEO of the Port of Trelleborg “think AB Lomma Tegelfabrik meets the criteria the port set for a new owner. The property is important to the port since the port’s customers are the tenants and the property is close to the port.”

About Lomma Tegelfabrik AB
Lomma Tegelfabrik was established in 1887 and had as its main business the production of bricks in Lomma. When the brick production was closed down in the mid-70s the company changed its focus to ownership, development and management of real estate. The company currently manages a mixed portfolio of properties in Malmö and Landskrona and commercial properties (including five hotels) in different places. The Group also conducts production of electricity through wind turbines that make them today self-sufficient in environmentally friendly electricity and they also sell electricity externally. The company and its business has been owned and run by the same family for three generations. Through long-term business they invest in high quality.