Great results for Port of Trelleborg in 2019

In 2019, Port of Trelleborg delivers a very good result of 44.7 million SEK. The most important signal is that the profitability of the daily operations has improved significantly compared to 2018. It has been a stated strategy to increase the level of earnings in relation to the major investments Port of Trelleborg has made and will make over the next five years.

Port of Trelleborg reached new record levels in 2019 when 1,230,850 units passed through the port, which is an increase of 7.7% compared to the previous year. Port of Trelleborg thus secures its position as Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port. The Port of Trelleborg has increased volumes in basically all modes of transport where the most significant increase is passenger cars by 13.2% and conventional rail by 24.8%.

Market leader on the freight line to Swinoujscie
– It is gratifying to note that Trelleborg-Swinoujscie is now the largest freight line between Sweden and Poland. This strengthens our unique position as the hub between Scandinavia and Europe, where Port of Trelleborg has 25% of the total RoRo market, says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, Port of Trelleborg.

Port of Trelleborg has also had a very positive trend in the logistics business through new customers and a growing volume among the existing customer base. The port’s unique logistical location, with the possibility of combining the transport modes shipping, rail and road, is a success factor.

– Our work on improving our efficiency, increasing digitalization and an active present leadership, has enabled us to manage our increased volumes with existing staffing, improved customer satisfaction and quality and at the same time our figures in the employee survey have been strengthened in an excellent way, says Jörgen Nilsson

Own financing
Port of Trelleborg is a business-driven company and makes all investments itself in the new port without financial support from the owner Municipality of Trelleborg. The financing is secured ahead, which means security regarding the planning and implementation of investments, while the company works hard with an even higher return on invested capital. In the good result for 2019, Port of Trelleborg has also given the Municipality of Trelleborg 10.3 million SEK.

Development of the port
The expansion of the port follows the plan, which means that everything will be completed in 2025 when the Port of Trelleborg will make room for “Coastal City 2025”, which is an urban development project in the municipality of Trelleborg. The construction of ferry berths No. 13 and No. 14 is in an expansive phase since they will be ready in 2020. Adaptation of ferry berth No. 10, which will be TT-Line’s new berth for their upcoming vessel “New Generation”, and the construction of ferry berth No. 11 and 12, are scheduled to start in summer 2020.