A new solar park in the Baltic’s climate-smartest port

The electricity demand in the port will be secured in the future
Port of Trelleborg continues with its investments according to plan. Right now a solar park of 3,000 square meter is being built in the new part of the port, consisting of 1,728 solar panels. Port of Trelleborg is the Baltic Sea’s climate-smartest port and we are constantly working on various improvement measures within environment and sustainability. The introduction of a solar park is part of our climate work where we see an opportunity to become an electricity supply ourselves.

The solar park will meet at least a quarter (500,000 kwh) of the new port’s energy needs, which is estimated at about 2 million kWh / year. The solar cells are connected to the port’s electricity grid.

Port of Trelleborg has signed an agreement with SolarFuture, a growth company in the solar energy industry, to install the solar park.

The work is progressing very fast and the entire plant is expected to be operational at the beginning of July 2020.

Port of Trelleborg has been granted support of approximately SEK 880,000 from the Swedish Energy Agency.