Mobile alco barrier will become a reality in Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port

On May 3, Port of Trelleborg received a visit from Tomas Eneroth, the Minister of Infrastructure, to discuss, among other things, mobile alco barriers that are an important issue for him to prevent drunk drivers coming out on the roads in a simple, flexible and mobile way. The Government has allocated 78 million SEK to alco barriers in Swedish ports. Port of Trelleborg is very positive about this and is prepared to do tests with a mobile alco barrier. Before an introduction can take place, some practical things must be in place.

– We have found a flexible solution to keep the traffic flow and the good internal logistics out of the port while we are able to handle the use of a random control via a mobile alco barrier, says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, Port of Trelleborg. As Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port, this is a natural step for us to also be at the forefront in this area.

Another important issue that was discussed at the meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure was how to combine the three types of traffic, rail and road in the best possible way. A number of proposals for measures to promote rail traffic were discussed with regard to both conventional and intermodal rail traffic, where a new approach and more efficient use of traffic resources are a prerequisite for a quick result.

– Port of Trelleborg, which is a core port, has a key position for Sweden and must act as a hub in the transport sector. It is gratifying to see how Port of Trelleborg is in the forefront in all important areas, such as infrastructure, environment and digitalization development, says Tomas Eneroth.

The Minister of Infrastructure also received information on the continued positive trend in Port of Trelleborg, which shows an increase in volumes by 6.7% during the first four months of 2019.

Tomas Eneroth was also informed about the work of being the best RoRo port in Europe and how the port is working around it for the future, where among other things the investment of ”THAB Academy” is an important parameter. ”THAB Academy” is a 2-year education aimed at the collective employees, which is unique to the ports in Sweden. The purpose of the education is to keep up with the future digital development and also they might have the opportunity to reach new career paths.

– Trelleborg is a fantastic city of the future, for both port and city, with a unique location and a strong future faith. We are facing an exciting development going forward, concluded Mikael Rubin, the Mayor of Trelleborg, who also participated in the meeting.

Tomas Eneroth had a guided port tour together with Mikael Rubin, Mayor of Trelleborg, Marianne Pettersson, Member of Swedish Parliament and Jörgen Nilsson, CEO Port of Trelleborg.