Waterfront – one year after the start of construction

Just over a year ago, MVB took the first sod for the start of the construction of Waterfront, the port’s new office and service building, and this is what Waterfront looks like today!

The building will have three floors and a total area of about 4,800 sqm. The building’s wavy design is inspired by sea and water as well as the steel facade which will change into blue, turquoise and dark gray colors depending on the weather and time of day. With the new building, conditions are created for Port of Trelleborg to gather its entire organization under one roof. The architectural office Arén has designed the building.

Right now the facade is being assembled and we have also got solar cells up on the service and truck building. Inside, they are working with, among other things, sections for offices, suspended ceilings and flooring.

Everything must be completed by June 7, when it is time for the final inspection.