Upgraded check-in in Port of Trelleborg!

On Saturday, June 9, at 23.00, Port of Trelleborg’s new check-in will be opened!

Port of Trelleborg continues to develop and faces new challenges as the traffic increases year by year. The increased number of devices require more space both in the check-in area as well as for marshalling yards inside the port. In order to streamline and meet the increasing volume of traffic, the new check-in has been built. By moving the current check-in to southwest the port calculates to handle the traffic situation until a new eastern access to the port is completed in about ten years.

In the new check-in, the traffic will be more efficient and trucks and passenger cars will be separated. The area will be significantly larger than today and the surfaces of the current check-in will be used as marshalling areas and thus it becomes more efficient logistics in the port. The signs are also streamlined and the port goes from fixed to digital signs.

The new check-in and marshalling yards is one of the activities in the ongoing EU project ”Sweden-Poland Sustainable Sea-Hinterland Services III”, which is needed to meet the increasing volumes of traffic during Port of Trelleborg’s expansion and relocation. TT-Line has also an activity in the project as they will modernize and offer the passenger cars four automatic machines for self-check-in at the new check-in.

Welcome to Port of Trelleborg!

To find – map and directions

The entrance from road 9 is the same. Signs and staff will be there to help the travelers.

Map of new check-in (click to enlarge)

Directions to Port of Trelleborg