The Central Station and the Customs Chamber have changed ownership!

Two more real estates have been sold when Port of Trelleborg continues its efforts to strengthen its core business by refining and sale of its real estate portfolio. During April, the sale of two beautiful old real estates in Trelleborg, the Central Station and the Customs Chamber was completed.


The Customs Chamber (click)

It was in 2017 that the city council gave Port of Trelleborg the task of selling the real estates. The reason was that Port of Trelleborg asked the city council to be allowed to sell additional real estates given that real estate management is not Port of Trelleborg’s core business, as early as 2016, Hamngatan 9 was sold for the same purpose. New owner of the real estates is Alsingevallen AB and the change of the ownership will not mean any change to the tenants because Alsingevallen AB is in favor of preserving the real estates and continue business as usual.

The Central Station (click)

At the completion of 1897 the Central Station was the city’s pride. The building is built in some magnificent Baltic Gothic style with some pinnacles and towers and many other decorations and was an important hub in the city of Trelleborg and held both the post, telegraph, telephone and railway in the same building. The Central Station was designed by the architect company Lindvall & Boklund in Malmö and was built by construction manager G Åström in Halmstad and was inaugurated by King Oscar in 1898.

The Customs Chamber was built in 1865, the building is located in the corner of the city’s old main axes east-west and south-north. Even today, the building is located in a very central location in Trelleborg. Both buildings have been renovated and modernized, the Central Station was completed in time for the inauguration of inland traffic in December 2015 and the renovation of the Customs Chamber was completed in 2017. The two buildings accommodate a variety of activities, such as, cafe, shop, taxi, and office spaces for various business.

Alsingevallen is a long-term real estate owner with a local perspective that provides attractive, functional housing and premises. The company was founded in 1997 by Bengt Nilsson, who owns and manages several real estates in Trelleborg.

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