Solar park in Port of Trelleborg can become a reality in 2020

Vision of solar cells in the new port

The Baltic Sea’s climate smartest port wants to secure the electricity demand in the port in the future and has decided to build a 2,700 square meter solar park. Through its own production of electricity, the goal is to meet at least half of its own electricity demand in the new port.

Port of Trelleborg is the Baltic Sea’s climate smartest port and we will continue to lead this development. We are constantly working on various improvement measures and the introduction of a solar park is part of our climate work where we see an opportunity to become an electricity supply ourselves.

Port of Trelleborg has a board decision to install a new solar park of 2,700 square meter and we also intend to build a number of smaller wind turbines. The goal is that wind and solar together will produce 50% of the port’s own electricity demand in the new port.

Discussions with various partners are ongoing and we are also looking at different grant opportunities. At present, we do not know when the construction of the solar park can start, but the plan is in 2020