The port’s own wetland purifies the wash water

Port of Trelleborg with the environment in focus has completed a new modern facility for the purification of the wash water from the port’s vehicles. Therefore, we now meet all requirements of the authorities very well, and minimize negative environmental impact.


Port of Trelleborg has a modern plant for the purification of waste water from the port’s vehicles which was installed in 2015. The purification of the vehicle wash water is based on filter technology with peat. After oil separator, the waste water is filtered through a thick layer of barely one meter, consisting mainly of peat and protected by a layer of straw. Heavy metals such as zinc, copper, lead and organic compounds such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons / PAH are separated into the peat filter. Oil, wax, etc., so-called organic fractions, are also reduced through further biological processes. The purified waste water is then disposed in a subsequent wetland and then flows to the municipal waste water treatment plant.

Birgitta Larsson Lindersköld, Port of Trelleborg’s Environmental Manager, inspects the purification plant

Port of Trelleborg has about 850 washes per year. As a part of being the most efficient and climate smartest port in the Baltic Sea, the port took its own initiative to improve the environmental performance. Thanks to our new purification plant, Port of Trelleborg has now an effective purification of the waste water, so that the port is above standards in meeting the emission requirements of the authorities and minimizes negative environmental impact.