Polish firemen were hailed at the port

On Sunday, August 5, the 139 Polish firemen were hailed for helping extinguish the forest fires that raged around Sweden.

The Polish fire department arrived at Port of Trelleborg on Saturday 21st of July with 44 vehicles and 139 firemen and has since helped to extinguish forest fires in Härjedalen and Hälsingland. There were many who had gathered to pay tribute to these heroes when they arrived at Port of Trelleborg on Sunday evening on August 5th. Before the departure back to Poland, a ceremony was held in the port where Torbjörn Karlsson, chairman of the municipal council (S) and Patrik Holmberg (C) thanked for their great efforts.

Watch when all the fire trucks arrives back to Port of Trelleborg on Sunday, August 5, https://youtu.be/Q4ayHrZGxYY