New records for freight volumes in Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port in Trelleborg

The freight flows increased in 2021 and more than 100,000 more freight units were handled in Port of Trelleborg, despite the ongoing pandemic. The largest increase can be noted in intermodal and conventional rail traffic. Port of Trelleborg was the only RoRo port in Sweden that had positive freight figures in 2020 and the upward trend continued in 2021. Forecasts ahead also point to a positive development.

The freight traffic by rail increased
The intermodal traffic increased by 27 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year, which means that 34,000 trailers have traveled to or from Port of Trelleborg by rail. The fact that the amount of goods by rail is increasing is a good example of the unique combination of shipping, road and rail that Port of Trelleborg can offer.

− Our work to increase our intermodal transports (trailers by rail) has been extremely successful and we will continue to develop this as it is the most environmentally friendly way of transporting freights. In two years we have more than doubled the volume and we are looking forward to new volumes, says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, Port of Trelleborg.

It is also very gratifying that the conventional rail traffic increased by 41 percent compared to 2020, which means just over 27,000 carriages in Port of Trelleborg.

Strong recovery for passenger cars and passengers
We also see a very strong development of passenger cars and the passenger traffic that recovered during the summer in connection with the Covid restrictions being eased, which is extra gratifying for our shipping customers. The passenger cars increased by just over 28 percent and a total of 301,000 passenger cars passed through the port. The passengers increased by 17.5 percent, which means a total of 1,459,000 passengers.

All time high for trucks and trailers
It is gratifying to note that trucks and trailers reached a new record when just over 872,000 units passed through Port of Trelleborg in 2021, which corresponds to an increase of almost 13 percent compared to 2020.

The curves continue to point upwards and Port of Trelleborg expects to handle 1 million trucks and trailers by 2023. Port of Trelleborg has from a transport perspective a very favorable geographical position and is the hub between Scandinavia and Europe. All of the port’s four destinations, Travemünde, Rostock, Swinoujscie and Klaipeda, have a positive development.

The port expansion is continuing and two new vessels are expected in 2022
Port of Trelleborg is currently undergoing an extensive port expansion and relocation to the southeast which will enable increased freight volumes and passenger traffic in the future. The port expansion follows the plan and ferry berths no.13 and no.14 are now ready and the construction of ferry berths no.11 and no.12 is expected to be completed in Q1 (the basic parts), just in time for TT-Line’s first new Green Ship to arrive. The second Green Ship is scheduled for Q3 2022.

− The work that our employees and our customers have done and performed in 2021 is very impressive. Creating these volumes during a pandemic in one of Skåne’s largest construction site areas speaks for itself, says CEO Jörgen Nilsson

* Ferry berths no. 13 and 14 are co-funded by the European Union.