Four new climate-smart additions to the vehicle fleet

For three years now, we have been driving fossil-free with our passenger car fleet in the port. Time flies and it is now time to replace the old ones and welcome four new passenger cars of the Toyota RAV4 brand to the port.

Toyota RAV4 is a plug-in hybrid, ie it is powered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. In the port, the cars run entirely on electricity. We also have another five electric cars coming in the near future.

In our quest to be the Baltic Sea’s climate-smartest port in constant development, we are continuously replacing the vehicle fleet in the port with more environmentally friendly vehicles which can be powered by electricity, hydrogen or other future sustainable fuel. According to our vehicle policy, all light vehicles purchased must be powered fossil-free and other vehicles and machines that cannot yet be powered by electricity, must be gradually powered by an increasing proportion of biofuels.