Commander of the RCAF highlighted the Halifax project

Given that parts started salvaged from the Canadian aircraft HR871 Halifax, Halifax 57 Rescue Canada and SCSC – Swedish Coast and Sea Center, invited everyone who helped in the project for a joint dinner in Höllviken last Saturday.

The dinner had a truly celebrated and long-distance guest namely Canada’s Air Force chief, Lieutenant-General Michael J. Hood of the Royal Canadian Air Force, who the day before participated at the Swedish Air Force’s 90th anniversary in Linköping among others, his majesty the king.

Parts of the salvaged wreckage outside Falsterbo have been transported to the Port of Trelleborg for cleaning and preservation, and on Saturday afternoon, the General had the opportunity to view the two salvaged motors in the Port of Trelleborg and greet the project participants that helps Canada to make this possible.

The project manager Jan Christensen, SCSC, expressed his gratitude for the port’s commitment and support to the project and SCSC.

SCSC had the room held with a very informative and thorough exhibition of authentic films from Halifax heyday, color images from the seabed which clearly discerned the wreckage lying on the seabed, the Canadian flag and further information about the Halifax bomber.

The next step in the project with the salvage work will be to pick up other aircraft parts.