Port of Trelleborg passes new limits!

The traffic through Port of Trelleborg reached new record in 2017, trucks, trailers and passenger cars hit earlier levels and more than one million units, consisting of trucks, trailers and passenger cars passed the port.

The increase of the various traffic modes during the year was 6.7% for trucks, 7.1% for trailers, and 7.4% for passenger cars and in figures this represent together 1,125,573 units. Additionally, 1,757,533 passengers have passed through the port an increase of 6.4% compared with 2016. Port of Trelleborg has had stable growth since 1989 with an average annual increase in the number of units of 5.8%.

“It’s amazingly fun to enter a company with such a positive development. The port is facing new challenges of managing such a large number of devices both inside and outside the port. The volume development seems to continue in the same positive direction. The forecasts until 2026 indicate that the number of vehicles will then reach 1.8 million vehicles and almost 2.5 million passengers will pass Trelleborg”, says Jörgen Nilsson, who took over as CEO of Port of  Trelleborg in mid-October 2017.

“At the moment we are working on a new check-in, where we separate goods and passenger traffic, the new check-in is expected to be completed by the summer. Port of Trelleborg is in an expansive phase with the expansion and relocation of the port to the new area in the southeast, which is done in order to cope with the increase in a longer perspective. Construction with a new ferry and a quay is scheduled to start later this year”, says Jörgen Nilsson.

Port of Trelleborg is the largest RoRo port in Scandinavia and has a very favorable geographical position in terms of transport in relation to continental Europe. The port has a high frequency in number of arrivals and departures per day and the three shipping lines TT-Line, Unity Line and Stena Line have 12 ferries that operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.