Port of Trelleborg is aiming for net zero by 2040

Port of Trelleborg is launching brand new climate and sustainability goals for 2023 and thus raising the bar significantly. Our goal to reach net zero by 2040 is not limited to our own direct emissions, it takes into account all emissions generated by the port, including trucks, ferries and cars.

The Climate Report led the way to the new targets
Halting climate change and its devastating effects has in recent years become a global number one priority. In Port of Trelleborg we have a longstanding tradition of investing in our environmental work and put sustainability high on the agenda. We produce solar power; we only buy fossil free and renewable energy; our terminal trucks are run on HVO100, we are planning to install two wind turbines in the port, and so on.

Considering the position we are finding ourselves in, good enough isn’t enough. We all need to do our very, very best. To find out where we can and need to go, we had to dive deep into where we are today and that is why we did a thorough Climate Report in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The Climate Report has been an invaluable tool that allowed us to set targets that are achievable but at the same time ambitious enough, says Jennie Folkunger, head of environment at Port of Trelleborg.

We’re only as successful as our customers
The emissions from a port’s own operations are comparably quite limited. The Climate Report showed that only 4% of all the emissions generated by all the activities related to the port, comes from the port’s own operations. The remaining 96% comes from indirect emissions. It may seem ambitious to set targets for emissions where 96% are outside of your control. But Port of Trelleborg is not deterred.

Our goals are based on extensive research, analyses, and calculations, but it is a fact that we cannot reach our goals by ourselves. However, we know that we have customers with high standards and ambitions. We also know that technology development is in high gear, legal requirements are increasingly stringent and change is happening very fast. By doing our outmost to meet the needs of our customers to reduce their emissions, we believe that we can reach our goals, says Jennie Folkunger.

We must be the most environmentally friendly port in the Baltic Sea and with these environmental goals, we are leading the development within the international logistics, says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, Port of Trelleborg.

Transparency becomes even more important
Transparency is an important part of a company’s sustainability efforts. Openness and honesty are key for us and we are looking to make it as easy as possible to follow our efforts and progresses, as well as our struggles. The Port of Trelleborg has therefore chosen to make all the documentation around our climate and sustainability work available on our website.

For further information please contact Jennie Folkunger, Environmental Manager, jennie.folkunger@port.trelleborg.se