Great restoration of the truck parking

The truck parking on Strandridaregatan, is completed and has been given a facelift. There are now four toilets, two showers, a room for dishwashing and also a grill. In total, it covers an area of 55,000 square meters with space for about 400 trucks.

Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port wants to provide good customer service and thus offer facilities to their customers’ customers, ie the truck drivers, who often have their weekend rest in Trelleborg. Port of Trelleborg wants to show appreciation and respect so that everyone enjoys their stay here.​ For us, it is very important to continue to be the best RoRo port in Europe, which is why we continue to streamline and deliver a good experience for our customers and our customers’ customers.

Different parking options
Did you know that Port of Trelleborg also rents out long-term parking for trailers in the port? And that we also have short-term parking as well as agreements for parking cars outside the port area? For more information, you can check the different parking options here