Through extensive investments in stormwater facilities, stormwater is purified from both the port’s existing surfaces as well as the new surfaces created in the eastern expansion. The new built port area has been set at a level that is adapted for predicted rise in sea level.

Three new sedimentation basins (a total of 13,000 m3) and two independent treatment facilities are in use. Trelleborg Municipality and the Port of Trelleborg have in collaboration invested in these facilities, which means significantly improved stormwater drainage for eastern Trelleborg and thus reduced risk of floods while stormwater from about 100 hectares of the city’s surfaces and 50 hectares of the port’s surfaces is cleaned. The purification effect is expected to provide 70-90% separation of pollutants in the stormwater.

Dagvattenanläggningen invigdes 2014 av miljöminister Lena Ek.

Stormwater facility was inaugurated in 2014 by Swedish Minister of Environment Lena Ek.