Port of Trelleborg Reality 2025

The development and expansion of Port of Trelleborg is going at a furious pace! That is why we have produced a new picture of the port, which we call Reality 2025. So it is no longer a vision, but we have done what we said we will do. Ferry berths 13 and 14 have been completed and ferry berths 11 and 12 will be ready by the turn of the year 2021/2022. The solar park is in place, Waterfront (our new office and staff buildings) will start to be built after the summer and we have also new green areas in the port. TT-Line’s new vessel “Green Ship” will be taken into use during the first quarter of 2022, and we have also drawn our own wind turbines, which we intend to set up in the future.

Port of Trelleborg continues to create good conditions and efficiencies for our customers and customers’ customers in terms of infrastructure, environment, sustainability, service and digitalisation.

The expansion of the port follows the plan, which means that everything will be ready in 2025. When the port moves, more than 50 hectares will be released in the western parts of the existing port and the city will be in contact with the sea again and enable the development of Trelleborg’s new district “Sea City” in an attractive and central location in the city of Trelleborg with space for at least 4,000 homes and premises for businesses and services.

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Picture: Arkitektkontor Arén AB