Port of Trelleborg offers their shipping customers reliable and fast internet with Nowhere Networks

Port of Trelleborg, the largest RoRo port in Scandinavia, has chosen Nowhere Networks as its strategic supplier for radio based fast internet to their shipping customers. Implementation will start shortly and before the end of this year all ferries of the Port of Trelleborg will have the opportunity to connect via radio link and receive up to 300 Mbit / s internet. Starting at the beginning of 2021, TT-Line will be the first shipping company to use high-speed internet via the joint collaboration between Nowhere Networks and the Port of Trelleborg.

For some time now, the Port of Trelleborg has been focusing to become the Baltic Sea’s climate-smartest port. Now the aim is also set to become the Baltic Sea’s most IT-friendly port. As the maritime industry has begun to transform into more IT-intensive and IT-dependent, the port now wants to offer its shipping customers a simple and cost-effective way to connect and obtain high internet capacity.

”Our collaboration with Nowhere Networks is truly a win-win-win relationship. All parties benefit from this and in particular our shipping customers who can utilize a wireless high-speed internet connection to be used both for business-critical IT systems and be available for the travellers on board who would like to use it for work or to communicate with their friends and family”, says Mikael Simonsson, IT Manager, Port of Trelleborg.

“We are very pleased and happy about this co-operation. Our full service concept, including everything is a complete solution for long range radio-based internet connectivity, and for the shipping customers of the Port of Trelleborg this will open up great opportunities”, says Asbjörn Frydenlund, CEO, Nowhere Networks.

Port of Trelleborg
Port of Trelleborg is the largest RoRo port in Scandinavia and the shortest route to the continent. Port of Trelleborg is Scandinavia’s leading intermodal hub for international traffic and serves at least four transport corridors. The port has 30 arrivals and departures daily to Germany, Poland and Lithuania. In 2019, 11.9 million tonnes of goods and approximately 1.2 million units and 1.8 million passengers passed through the port. Port of Trelleborg has constant growth, stable economy, satisfied customers and 135 employees with the environment in mind.

Nowhere Networks
Nowhere Networks is a leading, Swedish fast-growing high-tech company that develops its own cost-effective internet broadband solution for the shipping industry. Our business concept is to provide internet connection with higher speed and higher quality to ships, at a significantly lower cost compared to older systems / other available solutions in the market. The technical solution consists of a radio communication solution with built-in antenna tracking technology that automatically communicates wireless signal from ship to land and keeps the vessels connected at all times. Our intelligent cloud-based software platform scales to over 10,000 vessels and enables automated control and automatic resource optimization of the solution.