New volume records for Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port in Trelleborg!

Port of Trelleborg’ reached new record levels in 2018 and over one million units, consisting of trucks, trailers and passenger cars passed the port. Thus, Port of Trelleborg secures its position as Scandinavia’s largest RoRo port.

During 2018, 1,161,462 units passed through the Port of Trelleborg, which is an increase of 3.2% and also 1,831,290 passengers have passed through the port, which is an increase of 4.2%. This increase has occurred despite the fact that one of our largest vessels was on a lap for a three-month period.

Unity Line expanded its vessel fleet with another vessel in 2018 and TT-Line started a new line to Klaipeda, which means that Port of Trelleborg now operates five destinations.

– We can state that the measures we have done and will continue to do support our work to be Europe’s best RoRo port, says Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, Port of Trelleborg. We are constantly working within three priority areas, customers, staff and efficiency, which together with other activities are keys to our continued good development.

2019 has started well and the construction of a new ferry berth and a new quay is running. The expansion of the port follows the plan, which means that everything will be completed in 2025 when Port of Trelleborg will make room for “Kuststad 2025”, which is an urban development project in the Municipality of Trelleborg. The Port of Trelleborg has three ongoing EU projects, where the activities in the port expansion that are planned to be carried out until 2021, will be part-financed by grants from EU.

– By expansion and relocation of the port to the new area in the southeast, we will be able to handle increased volumes in a longer perspective, says Jörgen Nilsson.

Port of Trelleborg has from a transport perspective a very favorable geographical position in relation to continental Europe. The port has a high frequency in number of arrivals and departures per day and the three shipping lines TT-Line, Unity Line and Stena Line have 13 ferries that operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.