New check-in at the Port of Trelleborg

Port of Trelleborg plans to move the current check-in to be able to handle the increasing volume of traffic. The move began in late 2015 when Unity Line got a new temporary check-in with entrance from Strandridaregatan.

The check-in will consist of cargo offices, ticket cures, toilets, gates with related booms, self check-in, length measurement equipment, lighting, fiber, fences, water and sewage.

Check-in is moved southwest
Growth in the last 15 years has been 6% per year for the units handled at the port. The increased number of devices require more space both in the check-in area as well as for marshalling yards inside the port. By moving the current check-in to southwest with entrance from Strandridaregatan the port calculates to handle the traffic situation until a new eastern access to the port is completed in about ten years.

Port of Trelleborg has started up the work together with the shipping companies TT-Line, Stena Line and Unity Line and worked out a common design for the new check-in area. A novelty is that it will distinguish between passenger cars and lorries, and this is done mainly for the passenger cars’ safety. The area will be significantly greater than today and the surfaces of the current check-in will be used as marshalling areas and thus it becomes more efficient logistics in the port.

What happens next?
Port of Trelleborg has now submitted building permit documents, and when permission has been granted, the area will be planned and designed, which is expected to be made during the first half of 2017 and then be built during the fall 2017 / spring 2018. The construction of the new check-in must be perfectly clear before the current check -in can be moved.