The use of energy and natural resources is a significant environmental aspect, and the port has begun a fairly extensive project for more efficient resource utilization. In this area there are clear savings targets set for the coming years.

Energy projects

Area Description Saving
Lighting Replacement of luminaires, transition to LED lighting, lighting control at quays/surfaces. At least 900,000 kWh per year, equivalent to around 82 tonnes of CO2 per year
Heat &
Modernization of heat exchangers, heat pumps, ventilation with recycling systems, timers. Lower temperatures, eg in storage areas.

District heating and biogas have replaced natural gas for heating.
Energy efficiency calculation is made for estimated outcome of each action in case they can not be measured separately.

Significant reductions in CO2 emissions and better energy mix, when fossil fuel for heating is phased out.
Solar energy A navigation lighthouse and a navigation mark on the west pier head is supplied with energy from the sun via ten solar panels. Improved energy mix
Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
Six charging points for electric vehicles (external) are installed at Port of Trelleborg’s parking between Hamngatan 9 and the Central Station.
Improved energy mix.
Improved charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, renewable fuels.