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Port of Trelleborg – the most southern port in Sweden

Port of Trelleborg owns numerous real estate and have a real estate department who is also responsible for maintenance and repairs in the port. Port of Trelleborg is the most southern port in Sweden and as well as one of the biggest. The port area comprises of 700.000 square meters and all the port facilities including buildings with a total surface of 60.000 square meters are the property of Port of Trelleborg since 2005. The real estate are let to companies connected to the activities in the port.

The land is also used for storage, parking and cargo handling. Port of Trelleborg also rents land and real estate to external tenants.

Many of the buildings along Hamngatan have recently been modernized. Hamngatan 9, which the 100-year-old warehouse is called, houses a number of different activities; passenger terminal, hotel, restaurant, tourist office, dentists and doctors, just to mention a few.
The Central Station, which was built in 1897, has been renovated for the opening of Pågatåg traffic in December 2015, is owned and managed by the Port of Trelleborg.
Welcome in and see the station from the inside! Central Station 
Port of Trelleborg has a logistics centre with a larger heated surface of 10.000 square meters, where we stock cargo entering via rail and send away by truck.