Dragbil 008 As for noise, the port passes today the conditions that the Environmental Court determined during the probation period for the applicable environmental permits. The relocation of the inner ferry berths along with the relocation of the intermodal terminal will have positive effects on the noise levels.

Noise from tug masters (dBA)

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The reduction of the noise of the port’s vehicles is the result of active work both through close collaboration with suppliers as well as through own actions. Noise measurements are performed in the field and in accordance with normal operational conditions. Compared with 2008, the noise level from the “best” tug master has fallen by 4 decibels, which is so much the sound of the intermodal terminal is expected to fall up to 3 decibels for calculating points where the intermodal terminal is the dominant sound source. The total port noise is reduced by approximately 1 dB for the properties at Järnvägsgatan which are located closest to the intermodal terminal.

Port of Trelleborg has temporary noise conditions and review of the final terms will be made during 2017.