Study port entrance from the west side

In autumn 2014 the management of Port of Trelleborg decided to procure an independent inquiry regarding “Westerly access to the Port of Trelleborg”. The purpose of this study was to investigate and highlight the consequences of a port entrance from the west side to the Port of Trelleborg; partly in tunnel and partly on existing land, both from a technical and an economic perspective after the port’s move to the east side and when the former port area developed into a new city area with Residences.

The study is based on previous performed studies and is made in such a way that it is possible to develop each part in a deeper perspective as desired. The study does not account for road 9 and its traffic, which does not affect the port, but only the city.

At the shareholder dialogue on January 30 in 2015 the port pointed at the importance of a prompt action regarding the entrance, since the port faces vital decisions, especially regarding the truck center and check-in, where the entrance to the port is of great importance. The company that conducted the study, Sweco, is one of Sweden’s largest consulting companies.

The study is available in Swedish here!