Development of the port

Continued expansion of the port…

Port of Trelleborg has through the Environmental Court’s decision 2010-04-26 received permission to continued expansion of the port of Trelleborg – our Vision 2010/2015.

The application includes new breakwaters that will lead to about 500 meters south of the existing dredging of the fairway and four new berths with associated marshalling areas south and southeast of the existing ferry berth 9. The expansion will take place in stages.

The port’s permit application is designed primarily to move the vessel traffic to and from the present inner ferry berths, closest to the center of Trelleborg, to new ferry berths south of the existing ones. Such relocation of ferry berths have significant environmental advantages, including the air quality in central Trelleborg. The expansion measures that the port received permission to perform is linked to commitments to take one of the existing inner ferry berth out of operation as a new outer berth takes into operation.

Through these and other measures that the port carries out in collaboration with the ferry companies, expected emissions, including sulfur from the ferries, could be reduced significantly in the coming years. When all inner ferry berths are taken out of operation, parts of the former port area will be released, for example urban areas in an attractive and central location in the town of Trelleborg.

Trelleborgs Hamn AB
April 26, 2010

Tommy Halén


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