The company has about 135 employees and the operation is staffed mainly as follows:

1. Port (Port Authority / Landlord)

  • EU – coordination of different EU projects in which there will be project employees for different projects
  • TPC – main occupation is traffic in and out of the port, both from the sea and from the land
  • Real Estates – Property in real estates, land and quays
  • Operation & Maintenance – operation and maintenance of buildings, quays and land
  • Infrastructure & development – development of the port

2. Handling (Port Operation)

  • Vehicles – operation and maintenance of vehicles
  • RoRo – operation and maintenance of vehicles
  • Railway – shunting of Railway wagons in the port and on/off vessels
  • Logistics – logistics operations in its own premises as well as on the land around the terminal
  • Intermodal operation – lifting of intermodal units from/to the railways and trucks

Administration, comprising Business Development, IT, Quality and Environment (operating system), Finance including Controlling, Salaries and Purchasing, Communications, HR, CEO assistant and Security Manager.