A substation is being built in the port

Did you know that the grey building that is being built in the port area south of the Central Station is a substation, ie a larger design for distribution and transformation of electricity?

To meet the city and port’s development plans, a new pressure point is needed in the southern part of Trelleborg. Based on the conditions currently available and to meet the future needs highlighted in the municipality’s overall plan, Municipality of Trelleborg – Energy, has been given the opportunity to build the substation in the port.

The substation will be part of an overlying ring feeder and will transform down the regional network voltage of 130kV to the distribution voltage of 10kV. Output from the distribution station then spreads 10kV loop feeds to supply the existing power grid and the future power grid in Trelleborg’s southern and central parts.

The location of the substation in the port gives Port of Trelleborg the opportunity to supply power at all ferry berths, if more shipping companies would like to connect their ferries to onshore power supply at the dock.

Commissioning is scheduled for late August 2018.